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Joe Bihl Real Estate
"Serving You with Knowledge and Integrity"

Objective - We will provide needed services to people who are selling and buying real estate. We will consistently provide these services with knowledge and integrity.

Company History - Joe Bihl Real Estate began with the idea that people who are selling and buying real estate deserve to have a company that has the knowledge and integrity to provide needed services in an ethical manner. The buyer and seller can expect these services to be provided as explained in the Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships that is required by the State of Ohio. We will provide services to those who have never bought or sold real estate and those who just don't have the time. We will treat those people who are customers in a fair and equitable manner. We expect all associates to uphold the idea of knowledge and integrity while providing real estate services.

About the Broker/Owner - The broker/owner believes that just age or years of experience will not guarantee that the needs of real estate buyers and sellers will be met. Some of the most successful business people in the world have reached that plateau by recognizing that change is constant, and by providing products and services that meet peoples needs. It is those very needs that Joe Bihl Real Estate is challenged to meet.

General - Our Company subscribes to the Code of Ethics of The National Association of Realtors, and the Canon of Ethics as prescribed by Ohio law. We abide by the state licensing laws in the states where we are licensed. We also abide by the rules and bylaws of the Greater Portsmouth Area Board of Realtors. All associates are expected to be familiar with these and to apply them in all aspects of their professional endeavors.

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